Independent Hair Stylist / Hair Colourist



From a young age, I loved hair, makeup and all the pretty things. I always felt awkward and strived to be what society considered “beautiful”.

There are so many mixed messages of what beauty is.
It took me a long time to realize that everyone has features and qualities that make them beautiful, even me!

Each and every human has days they feel overwhelmed and long to be pampered and given a boost. Coming to the salon shouldn’t be a chore, it should be a treat. You should come out feeling fresh, gorgeous, and uplifted!

My mission is to restore the magical feeling of visiting the salon! No more rushed appointments, no more negative vibes, no more surprises.
A humane studio for humans, full of communication and good vibes.

Every day I find ways to get better because I LOVE what I do. I love making you all even more gorgeous than you are already, I love making you all feel unstoppable and motivated.

I have always promised I will always do my best. And if I don’t know something I will find out. Learning is key to growth.